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Boon SNUG Stretchy Silicone Reusable Spout Lids Spout with containers Boy

Dhs. 65.00

You have a half dozen sippy cups (never enough) and a half million regular cups (way too many). But get yourself a SNUG and you’ll have 500,006 sippy cups! That’s because SNUG silicone sippy lids fit over any regular cup with a 2.5”–3.75” diameter and instantly prevent that cup from spewing its contents when knocked over or tossed off a high chair (not that that’s ever happened). Hooray for cleanliness.

• Turn your cup into a spill-proof sippy cup with ease, just by using the SNUG Spout Lid
• These 100% Silicone lids stretch over most cup sizes that are 2.5”-3.75” in diameter
• Includes 3 lids with 1 cup
Holds 9 oz
• The cup can hold up to 9 oz
• Made from BPA or PVC free materials, and soft durable silicone that is tasteless, making it safe for the baby.

Warranty: 12 Months

Dimension: 14.2869375 x 8.254675 x 27.6214125 cm
Weight: 0.209561825274426 kg

Suitable for: 9 months +