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Lionelo Neal Car Seat

Dhs. 1,079.00

Car seat Neal is suitable for children in the size group 100-150 cm, which corresponds to weight groups II and III (15-25 kg and 22-26 kg). This means that both younger and older children can use the seat. The seat can be adapted to the current needs of your child. A permanent and quick way to install a child seat in your car. The ISOFIX system significantly reduces the forces acting on your child in the event of sudden braking or an impact. The double safety system based on two buttons prevents unintentional adjustment of the seat from its correct position. A wide, deep headrest with side protection significantly increases the safety of the little passenger. With up to 14 levels of headrest adjustment, the Neal adapts to the physique of every child. The position of the backrest can easily be changed, which increases the comfort for your child. The 3-stage regulation system built into the base allows you to adjust the seat to your child's needs to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

• I-Size marking for the highest safety standard The safe installation with the Isofix system significantly reduces the forces that act in the event of a sudden braking or impact on your child. Special protective panels absorb the force of a side or rear impact and protect your child's head and shoulders.
• Reinforced headrest and sturdy construction. The energy-absorbing materials of the Neal seat construction absorb the power of an impact. The wide, deep headrest with side protection also increases the safety of the little passenger. The 14-way height adjustment of the headrest allows maximum adjustment to the height of the child.
• It grows with your child. Thanks to the large height range from 100 to 150 cm, the Lionelo Neal car seat can be used for a long time. Weight range with a reference value of 15 to 36 kg. The 3-stage adjustment built into the base makes the seat adaptable to the needs of the child.
• Low rise The car seat is equipped with a deep seat. The protection is complemented by additional reinforcements in the lumbar area. The wide backrest and the additional foam filling on the seat increase comfort and safety.
• Proven quality. Lionelo Neal has undergone multi-stage verification - he passed both a series of internal tests and tests in an independent certification laboratory - RDW. Fully compliant with ECE 129 safety standard.

Warranty: 12 Months

Dimension: 48 x 44 x 80 cm
Weight: 7.0 kG

Suitable for 12 months plus

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